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Hi, I’m Chris. This is my website where I will write about things that I find interesting relating to technology and learning. Over time it will probably change if I eventually get into writing on this site.

About me: I am from Tamworth, Australia, located in regional New South Wales and I studied a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of New England, Armidale. I originally decided to pursue this degree as I felt like I needed a challenge in something I’ve never really done before - I also did not want to write essays for 3 years. Eventually, I started to get used to the challenges my degree put me though, then I started to like solving problems with a variety of different solutions that I had came up with through experience, sheer luck or hours and hours of Googling.

After my degree I have found myself in a career involved with Cloud Engineering and currently work as a DevOps Engineer where I enjoy maintaining infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, creating solutions for issues around automation & security and general troubleshooting of applications.

Disclaimer: Things I write may not be “right” so please don’t take it personally if you disagree with something, I am always happy to learn more. This site is for personal interest only.